Welcome to cyberstuff. This is really just where I post all the write ups for Hack The Box/CTF style machines as well as dumb takes on various cyber security topics. It is important to note that I am not a professional or by any means an expert. I just have interests and an excuse to talk about them.

Check out posts for writeups and other writings on various topics.

What is Hack The Box?

Hack the box is a publicly available pen testing lab, allowing users to legally learn and perfect pen testing and the resulting concepts. There are virtual computers or “boxes” which users can try their hand at hacking into. This is where most people move from proof of concept examples in cybersecurity to actually learning how to implement these examples. https://www.hackthebox.eu/

What Is A CTF

A CTF is a capture-the-flag challenge which involve a computer based challenge or puzzle. They involve cyber security concepts but can be much more puzzle based than on realism. Different types of CTF include: Jeopardy, where competitors solve challenges in different categories, Attack-Defend where 1 team attacks a box while the other defends, and mixed, which are much like attack-defense style CTF, but with task based objectives.